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Due to a policy based on continuous training and improvements, our HTD team is qualified to supply specific and customized knowledge, mainly with the purpose to let the customer select, optimize, assemble all IMM products. Lastest recent standards for safety (mainly law 626/94) require training periods for all employes. Purpose to avoid increase of accidents gives priority to safety projects and all related actions, including professional information to people. IMM Group, leader on generating projects, manufacturing and distributing hydraulic components, proposes a training period with the purpose to provide all required tools to reduce risks related to fluid systems. Quality and safety plan has always the goal to leave each person as the most important ring of the chain. Training program has the purpose to identify a technical overview about hydraulic connections, as well as a professional opportunity for personal improvement.

Safety, as said, is also one of the most important issues during training. Please fill the form to have all useful details about training programs.

IMM technical and sales people perform specific Workshops, to be made at the customer site or at the I.M.M Group Head Quarter.

They are training days, generally a couple, during which some detailed themes are developed: products, processes, markets and more. A large portfolio of knowledge, literature and organizational topics allow to customize the training program towards each customer specific needs.

Training sessions cover an assembling phase comparison, a plants visit and a detailed technical and technological course.

Main purposes and reasons of Workshops are:

· an opportunity to meet
· share, create and distribute knowledge
· increase level of service
· win customer and emplooyees confidence
· increase customer satisfaction
· simply learn

At the end of the Workshop a Participation Certificate is released.


IMM Hydraulics vision to provide suitable service program to all customers gives chance to all users and customers to follow all periodic news about assembling suggestions and users advantages or tips, trying to save time and to improve performances and safety. Our periodic "HOSE ASSEMBLY" on each number of our Magazine has been a recognized success and it will also be published on web site to complete IMM assistance project, as well as traing of our partners, customers and cooperators.

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